Raving Reviews



Lisa Jackson and Jackson Virtual Solutions has helped me tremendously with marketing and advertising material for my company for several years. She met every deadline we set and her work was excellent. Her creativity and and out-of-the-box ideas has helped out marketing campaign very much. I would recommend Ms. Jackson’s services to any small or midsize company that is looking for a creative marketing and advertising consultant.

 Bernard Etienne President of Etienne, Inc. dba Future Visions

Lisa managed several groups of telemarketers for our center. As a member of the agency management staff Lisa was responsible for workflow, processing, employee development. Lisa increased written volume, Lisa was also involved with staff development and training.

In addition, Lisa was also the Executive Assistant to me, the Vice President of Operations, as well as the General Manager, Lisa helped develop strategies and improve our current plans. I recommend Lisa and please use me as a reference.

William Kriener, Former VP of Operations, Collegiate Funding Services
Owner,Sebastian Insurance Marquis Insurance LLC


I have been looking for a genuine online service like this for a long time. I have used others in the past but many are simply too limited or have too many restrictions. I think JacksonVirtualSolutions.com is miles ahead of the competition. Your office automation service is a real gem for a small outfit like mine. I’m happy to recommend you highly.

Jason Traynor San Jose, CA.


Cheers for providing such a top notch service! It’s exactly what my company needs to take it to the next level. I have been doing business for years and I don’t think I have seen a more useful service online. Keep up the great work. Your customer service is first class going above and beyond expectation.

Rebecca Ashley, Realty Brokers Palm Beach Gardens, FL.


Jackson Virtual Solutions has made a huge difference to my business. I didn’t expect that a service like this could do so much in such a short space of time! There’s no hassle at all because you understood exactly what I wanted and you undertook the handling of my office management online seamlessly. I was able to get right on track from day one because of your outstanding setup. You provide a powerful service and I’m truly impressed!

Maurice Garcia, Taberna, NC


Lisa, I have received more website conversions since you have been doing my website follow-up than ever before!

Jerry Guy, Realtor, FL


Lisa’s marketing services were the answer to my no time to market dilemma. Now she does the routine stuff and I make the contact. She’s the perfect add-on to my team.

Beryl W. Powell


Lisa Jackson had a positive impact on our company operations from the very beginning. Her online business manager expertise is just what our company needed to get back on track. The recommendations from Jackson Virtual Solutions were insightful and realistic to implement. I’d recommend Lisa’s services to any company going through a rough spot, or even if things are running smoothly. She really helped us get our online management protocols in proper order.

Lewis Trio, President at The Franchise Learning Channel


Dear Lisa Jackson,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with others. Lisa is a person who is driven, determined but never fails to hear the other person! This is what makes her such an inspirational leader and team-player.

She is a phenomenal leader and a take charge business woman.

Lisa’s services with Lead Generation & her methodology are extremely focused and honed toward each specific client. Her team knows that each business is not tailored the same and will need specific marketing plans.

Lisa is an excellent motivator and entrepreneur I highly recommend her as a top professional who can be trusted and relied upon to follow through and get the job done well beyond average expectations.

Toki Tover, Owner, Freelance Designer, Toki Tover Designs